Inner knowledge is our guide

Have you ever asked yourself-What are Guides?

We are Source. We are multidimensional beings, whose streams of energy exist on this planet. We are also Cosmic streams of energy energy that created physical forms to experience the lessons of creational energy for growth, both on a personal and collective level. Thus to say, we are all incarnated souls which connect to the Source of All is our awakened perception. Our inner beings’ inspiration, is expressing the streams of consciousness contained within. Our aware Soul knowledge connects with our inner self. We are in turn connecting with our vastness, which we placed the label as guides. When we open our awareness, even more, we come to realize our Guides are part of our awareness as a larger vibrational energy in Oneness.

We are the Ancestors, has a more timely meaning in the Now. We have been waiting for ourselves to awaken.

in one heart Allayah

Ascension transmission

Ascension-The initiatory process to Awareness.

From a Soul perspective, we are in a cycle of rebirth.   The phoenix effect whereby all illusions must be shattered so that consciously we can become aware or enlighten humans.  What that means simply is that All of our knowledge of what we think or what we were taught through many timelines is shattered so that we can look through the cloudy perceptions and start to value our inner knowing instead of following what was perceived by others as truth.  Simply put.  We follow our inner truth.  This is the start of the spiritual quest of the seeker.  Many have been on this path thru many timelines and this info is always held within your akasha.  We now are moving fwd as our perceptions are clearing and we are seeing and feeling what has been hidden from plain sight.  This awareness has brought a great level of chaotic energy into reality as we know it, Many souls become aware at different timing according to their soul plan. Thus reacting and projecting more discordant energy into the collective.  So we see the duality here.  Those who are aware and follow their inner knowledge and hold light space anchoring into Gaia.  On the opposite end, you have those who are just reacting emotionally to a variety of outside triggers not realizing and thru word, thought, or deed the energy they are creating into the collective whole.  All paths eventually lead to oneness and it is this cycle of transformative energy we are experiencing.   It is difficult to experience but each soul in the human collective energy has a role and purpose in this timeline.  Ultimately it is needed to see the duality, for both sides to recognize without judgment that we are on the same journey  To find balance, peace, health, etc. To create the Golden age of Gaia that has been prophesied thru time.    This is already existent or manifested and we are in the process of clearing and healing and coming into a sense of unity.  “  Darkness before the Dawn” a phrase known thru time applies to the present.  Souls’ incarnation needs to be shaken from their old pattern perceptions and cleared and healed so all can reach the ultimate goal of the ultimate golden age of respect for all life forms on Gaia.  This dark nite of the Soul is an initiatory process we are going thru as collectively souls’ lights are breaking thru the darkness, like stars in the night sky.  As more awaken the light of their souls breaks thru the darkness till it no longer exists.    All find their way as this is a process of self-growth.  Hard lessons but permanent results from it as you are the changemakers.  All your hard work will aid this planet in ascending into a higher light as new earthstar.  Hold on to your soul path and recognize the light work you are doing.  You are all supported by your spirit guides and angels and protected as you follow your path  Ask for and trust the guidance received.  You are so loved and protected

AA Micheal thru the voice of Allayah

Rebirth into Spirit

Having had a personal loss, i had some time for self-reflection. This is my musings during this process of healing.

Afterlife is an interesting word.    The meaning is reflective of the thoughts of the person using it.  First of all, in this journey, there is no right or wrong way.  Just self-development thru understanding, which is the intuitive trigger thru the awareness of the individual seeker.

In a previous article, I briefly touched upon the term, Death experience.  There is no single definition that applies to all.  Instead it is an umbrella term used to contain the many interpretations of cultures and religious dogmas.   

I mentioned loss in reference to transitions.  The human collective, is at a point of awareness, that a great deal of information is available to those that seek answers.  Thus do we really lose them?  As confirmed by the comforting expression  “sorry for your loss”.  Maybe in the physical reality sense, but energetically, with that strong heart chakra bond, they still exist with us.  Our sight and senses are being cleared so that we can experience a deeper connection with them, as they are still part of our past, future, and in NOW.  Guiding us in support in the continued journey of our Soul experience.   Energy is never lost or destroyed but transformed into different expressions.

Mediums are souls who have a soul purpose as connecting points of light between the physical and afterlife expressions.  By the connection, the healing through understanding begins and the development of self-aware connection and connection begins when the seeker is ready.

in one heart Allayah

Circle of Life

From Spirit, we incarnate into this plane of existence.  Finding our soul expression and growing from the experiences we have manifested in this design of our journey.  When as a Soul. our soul purpose has been met, there is an energetic exit point we have labeled as the Death Experience.  The so-called perceived ending of our spiritual expression on this physical plane of reality. A return or rebirth into the expansive light we are.

Grief is the emotional expression or experience of loss or major change of some form. Depending on the spiritual transformative experience(STE), we perceive the emotion in different perceptions.  A core definition of loss of something that was known in our reality.  This is a personal period of conscious transition and also a rebirth for those experiencing grief.

To allow the full expression of emotions. A time to reflect and a time to release and heal the past.

The sense of loss in its many forms is a growth experience as an emotion inspired.  Emotions are energy, which when focussed in thoughts manifest experiences surrounding us.  Grief also symbolizes a time for healing. Never allow outside influences to have you rush the experience, no matter how well-intentioned.   This change is a spiritual growth experience for all involved.  Your inner knowing will guide you.  Do not try to meet others’ expectations.  Healing whether it be an emotional or physical wound, takes time and this is our journey.

The healing journey is one of emerging into self-understanding.  A journey of seeking understanding and trusting ones self.  It is a conscious unfolding of your own soul expression and empowerment.

It is time to recognize that both collectively and personally, we are at a junction, where we need to make a conscious choice to thrive or fall back into the victim mindset.

Recognize your soul’s purpose in this chaotic time of energy, reflect, then choose a thought or action that reflects your inner being.  Your inner being is the expression of your heart’s energy, which connects us to all life on this planet.

The Heart-Mind transformation, that results in clarity and expressing your true essence, without the influences of what surrounds you.

I ask the question of both myself and others:  “ Why are so afraid to live a meaningful existence”?  Is it the reflection of our own self-worthiness we need to resolve or the feeling of being a victim to life, because of distracted influences presented by society?

The energy of facing passive-aggressive situations, and our desire to fit in even if something does not feel right to our inner self.

There needs to be a balance in this decision when faced with certain situations.  To consciously choose how we react and words spoken.

The energy of stability, clarity of thought and actions result in balance and better expression of a meaningful life.  One must choose to be responsible for individual thought and change your perceptions first.  These individual actions add to the positive trajectory of change within all life.  To paraphrase Gandhi  “ Be the change you wish to see in your world”  

Wise words echoed throughout AGES, when followed you will be co-creating the change and dreams for the world you wish to live in. 

In one heart   Allayah


What if we are being given a second chance to finally achieve the understanding of our soul journey? Would you be willing to work on yourself? Would you be willing to be part of this movement of spreading your heart-light into this reality?

No matter what you been lead to believe, it’s really up to you as an individual to realize your soul purpose. No one can do it for you. To take that first step, is willingness on your intent to be open of mind and heart to listen to your inner self. To be willing to look at your perceived challenges in this incarnation, and to intend to make the conscious choices that result in deeper understanding of your walk in life. To let go of judgement and blaming others for what you experienced in life. Move beyond victimhood mentality, and see the lessons of growth and understanding they offered you. See the value of your life story and the strength of light and understanding you Now express from it.

Walk your walk in life in full enlightenment, and be a light to others who seek to understand. in one heart….Allayah

Past Lives Triggers

When we consider exploring our soul journey as a conscious review, in this incarnation, do it with a clean slate. WE need to perceive the experience with new vision and unlimited possibilities of how this will help our soul experience and grow. Depending on the spiritual dogma we incarnated into or embraced as belief in the NOW. We either perceive reincarnation as a truth experience or not.

It is important for the sake of growth, to review, and rethink our perceptions from the stance of soul inner knowledge and not from what we have been told throughout history. Soul knowledge is an expansive vibration of experience that we have integrated and aligned within our energy form. This leads us to our sense of multidimensionality, unlimited knowledge and experiences. Of the many lessons and experiences we have encountered through our many lives. The mastery of emotions and power of our words, which are energy, is a difficult challenge. It affects both our physical form and our reality on many levels. The past life energy triggers many times and can block our healing as we do not recognize it, and we consistently recreate them in many ways. Thus, we continually repeat the lesson until we discover the core issue that was not resolved or healed.

Healing of life as we know it occurs on many levels when we recognize the core issue which has affected your reality. You have the choice and free will to heal and reset your life experience. Exploring past life triggers that effect yo in the now is one energy tool available. Explore you soul journey with an open mind and hear and use the inner knowledge available to facilitate your healing and rebirth in this incarnation without having to repeat cycles of life. The purity of your soul-light and love is needed during this time of transformation as a service to all life forms. In one heart Allayah

Guiding Light

I believe guidance is the perfect energy intention,, for this soul journey site. I am not here to teach you but help you remember your unique soul path. Teaching is a dogma which shares knowledge within limitations created by others.

Everything has its purpose in this journey of experiences. In these times of exceptional changes. what we need is to move past the boundaries of perception created in the past. Also to expand our energy to perceive the unlimited inner knowing which is within each of you. The Collective has experienced the perception that knowledge and creativity is limited to a few. We are in a period of becoming aware of consciously elevating our thoughts and words, and not redirect them into isolated compartments of whether we feel worthy of inspired ideas or worthy of even knowing. We are finding value of our soul experience and journey. We are learning from and mastering the emotional reactions and reality created from our thoughts and emotions. Helping you to recognize all thats within you and to realize your sense of individuality and unlimited possibilities in this incarnation Also what you can contribute, with this inner awareness to the planet and all her life forms.

I was given the spirit name, Allayah, meaning one who shines the light on the path of others for their soul evolution. I AM a spiritual guide incarnatd in physical form.

A an Elder, in physical terms, I have come to understand the Circle of Life experience thru many challenges, Both physical and emotional levels of manifesting personal reality.

Life presents a unique education by which to grow and evolve. Remembering your soul’s inner knowing adds diversity of thought and understanding.

let us walk together the path of discovery and awareness together;

On one heart Allaya

Are you barely holding it together cycle

Are you barely holding it together cycle

Sometimes when guided to revisit the past, one can see that a transmission message is just as timely Now.  Several years ago, I was fortunate to be able to share some spontaneous transmission on the Healing Humanity FB page.  Many of the videos are still there from 2015- to 2017 I believe.     I sense we have passed thru this repeated cycle since the beginning of this year.  We will be emerging thru both the collective and personal trials we have experienced.  As we emerge, we will be faced with choices, as we are co-creators of the new life to come.  We embark upon the journey of unlimited possibilities.  I sense once we recognize things as patterns or cycles upon which we grow and learn from, we can begin to perceive things differently.  Then make a conscious choice to choose our journey, thus creating change both personally and collectively.  It’s important not to focus on old but to reflect briefly and then move forward, step by step into the new.  For me, I needed to reflect briefly on a message of a few years ago, to see this as a repeated cycle, and to make the conscious choice to make a change.    I AM not a professional, but these videos that were shared from Spirit and my Heart, I hope will trigger you to remember that this is just a growth cycle and  Together as one hearts we will emerge together.  In light and love Allaya

comfort transmission

comfort transmission

Today i share an energy transmission from a few years back.  The title Divine mother of the world encompasses all facets of the Divine  Mother aspect.  She reaches out o comfort and soothe as we go thru these turbulent times.  She reminds us to seek her when  overburdened and to rejoice in her blessings as she hold all souls in her hearts embrace.

We are one heart message:
Mother of All, where are you ?, We cry.
Mother: Children of my heart i hear you.
Children oh my heart i see and feel you.
I stand before you with open arms to embrace but you do not see or feel me.. You have closed your hearts thru your perceived fears and self-imposed pain. you are blind to my vision i show you.

Children of my heart , i am here beside you we are one heart. Your heart beats within you sparked by my flame within. I am always part of you but you forgot how to feel and see me thru the darkness you surround your self with. Go within. feel your heart beat.. I am there. Open your eyes and see the beauty of all around you. Now you are seeing thru my eyes. Touch and reach out to others in need. Now you are touching them thru the mother’s energy. Can you not see, feel, and hear how you and I are one in heart and spirit.
This is a time of miracles flowing over all over the earth and you need to see that with your own two eyes. Time for your perceptions to change and to see growth thru the chaos. No amount of cajoling is going to get you to the place of believing without a miracle or two displaying their wings for you. Expect your family to be healed and forgiven of all past injustices. Expect your life to run smoothly and bountiful. Expect help from every human around you if you so needed it. EXPECT the good to come looking for you; expect to be the favorite child of a loving Universe. Use this gift wisely promoting your own dreams in thought and action. Believe in yourself as you believe in others and watch the Magic dance thru your life. Let the wishes of your life be granted and stop holding them at bay. Create to your full potential and then stretch that ability a little more every day. You were born to do great things remember that every day and act accordingly.

Remember that we are ALL one world and one heart beats thru us. When one hurts, we all hurt. In this spirit, i store with that express the energetic feel of We are one heart.