Reminder to self

When we choose to clear our minds of all the outside densities that distract us, that within us is the ability to be empowered. Nothing is impossible to change when we fully realize that we manifest what we feel and see on both a physical and emotional level. This applies to your personal journey and collective involvement.. We need to choose between the mindset of I Am a victim of all that surrounds to I can choose Change. The collective world is presently undergoing the proverbial dark not of the soul. Where all the emotional trauma energy of the Past and its lessons created through fear full emotions has enveloped us so greatly that we get lost in the fears, and thus recreating these patterns. We as a collective will continue to recreate this fearful energy until we can stop. detach for even a moment and realize there is always a choice. Sometimes this short moment at times of recognizing you have a choice- opens the door to clarity and you can choose to change on a personal level. The light comes thru the darkness, the proverbial AHA moment. Then the energy of empowerment and healing begins. You become that spark of light in the darkness. That is the true soul purpose and one that is largely overlooked. We all go thru dark periods, but we learn and grow thru them. The phoenix is symbolic of the rise from the ashes- the deconstruction of chaotic energy- to the rebirth into the light of perfection and awareness. You are perfect as is, your soul’s creation. You do not need to be anything other than who you are or emulate the so-called perfection of others/influencers. Then you open the door to the journey of all is possible and healing of whatever is needed. You then recognize that all is possible as you are creating what you see and feel. Take responsibility and chose and create the changes you desire. Take that first step and the path of your soul will light up and you will do what is right for you in this period of growth and transformation we are in. The leading by example you will spark the flames of others. Be the Change, Be the light.

Nothing is impossible…Allayah

Authentic you

I find one of life’s greatest challenges is to be comfortable with who you are as a soul expression and to acknowledge your inner knowing. The wisdom of your soul is unique to every individual and accessible if you would only allow it to come through.

A young child comes into life with full knowledge of ALL that is. Thru generations, we teach it limitations to conform to either cultural or societies rules. So they will conform and fit within acceptable expectations.

Our inner beings seek self-expression and unlimited possibilities to create, but instead, creativity may be frowned upon as an illusion of self-worth as passed on thru generations. Some break through this emotional patterning and become the leaders, the rest followers. What if? It was accepted that every soul has the potential to create all possibilities and that each one’s soul journey was as important as the next. ALL have the right to create for the highest good of all life.

There would no longer be class distinctions, as all would be expressing their authentic souls, joined in one heart for humanity. .. Allayah

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Sacred Vision

Years end reflections

The past years have forced us to become reflective. We had no choice but to face ourselves thru violation on many levels. A life review of where we wondered-where is life going. to face our responsibility for the NOW thru action and word. So many triggers of the past on both a collective and personal level. A kaleidoscope of visions of our experiences and emotions.

One of the biggest challenges, I noted, is we all have our individual stories and experiences unique to our paths. Sometimes it appears that no one really sees or hears us, we are lost in the collective energy. Thus, the collective energy of frustrations, feeds into the environmental reality in forms of fears, unleashed anger and depression. We feel injustices, both actual and perceived, we experience like a collective post- traumatic syndrome. Thinking we have no support, we soothe ourselves by following whatever teacher or large group we find yourself aligned with. This is really a first positive step in awareness, but many times we forget discernment. Acknowledging what feels right to us and just accepting. Problem is in our seeking, we have forgotten our ability to tap into our self -knowing, or following our heart’s guidance. Always feeling someonelse or some program is the answer. Thru ages, we have followed the pattern that there are leaders, ones in the know and the followers. It takes a major mind reset to realize, we are All one heart, regardless of gender, race, religious dogma etc. Step back one moment, and perceive Life thru open minds and hearts. We are Souls, perfect expressions of spirit, within our humaness struggling to get thru our stories we have created to grow in awareness. Whether it be the high- powered leader or a child born in poverty. All are on journeys of awakening awareness of the truth. No matter what the circumstances or stories. We are one heart.

The answers we seek, are within our hearts, and we need to be accountable, each and everyone what energies or emotions, we reflect back into the world. Feel the phrase of the Advatar movie “I see you” If we adopt this mindset that we are All a part of a wonderous consciousness, no matter what name you call it. What a beautiful world we will create We birth our reality thru the eyes and hearts of love, your soul purpose.

Always be discerning, freely express the light and love with your form. You are the changemakers. Much love Allayah

Spiritual Guides

Have you ever asked yourself-What are Guides?

We are Source. We are multidimensional beings, whose streams of energy exist on this planet. We are also Cosmic streams of energy energy that created physical forms to experience the lessons of creational energy for growth, both on a personal and collective level. Thus to say, we are all incarnated souls which connect to the Source of All is our awakened perception. Our inner beings’ inspiration, is expressing the streams of consciousness contained within. Our aware Soul knowledge connects with our inner self. We are in turn connecting with our vastness, which we placed the label as guides. When we open our awareness, even more, we come to realize our Guides are part of ourself awareness as a larger vibrational energy in Oneness.

We are the Ancestors, has a more timely meaning in the Now. We have been waiting for ourselves to awaken.

in one heart Allayah


What if we are being given a second chance to finally achieve the understanding of our soul journey? Would you be willing to work on yourself? Would you be willing to be part of this movement of spreading your heart-light into this reality?

No matter what you been lead to believe, it’s really up to you as an individual to realize your soul purpose. No one can do it for you. To take that first step, is willingness on your intent to be open of mind and heart to listen to your inner self. To be willing to look at your perceived challenges in this incarnation, and to intend to make the conscious choices that result in deeper understanding of your walk in life. To let go of judgement and blaming others for what you experienced in life. Move beyond victimhood mentality, and see the lessons of growth and understanding they offered you. See the value of your life story and the strength of light and understanding you Now express from it.

Walk your walk in life in full enlightenment, and be a light to others who seek to understand. in one heart….Allayah


It is time to recognize that both collectively and personally, we are at a junction, whereas we
need to make a conscious choice to thrive or fall back into the victim mindset.
Recognize your soul purpose in this chaotic time of energy, reflect, then choose a thought or
action that reflects your inner being. Your inner being is the expression of your heart energy,
which connects us to all life on this planet.

The Heart-Mind transformation, that results in clarity and expressing your true essence, without
the influences of what surrounds you.
I ask the question of both myself and others: “ Why are so afraid to live a meaningful
existence”? Is it the reflection of our own self-worthiness we need to resolve or the feeling of
being a victim to life, because of distracted influences presented by society?
The energy of facing passive-aggressive situations, and our desire to fit even if something does
not feel right to our inner self.

There needs to be a balance in this decision, when faced with certain situations. To consciously
choose how we react and words spoken.

The energy of stability, clarity of thought and actions result in balance and better expression of
meaningful life. One must choose to be responsible for individual thought and change your
perceptions first. These individual actions add to the positive trajectory of change within all life.
To paraphrase Gandhi “ Be the change you wish to see in your world”
Wise words echoed throughout AGES, when followed you will be co-creating the change and
dreams for the world you wish to live in. In one heart Allayah

We are all someone’s children

The following is a memory from many years ago. Part of my soul path is to caretaker certain unique energies. One such energy is a ancient crystal skull(cleaned of the protective resin) from the Himalayan mountains called the white tara (an universal Mother energy). the following is a channel i received. In reflecting that was a time of upset energies as is now only the virus causes Now to reflect. In short, the theme is we_are all someone child. Even the child of Mother earth

As i sit and reflect on life’s occurences while healing from a bout of pnemonia i was guided to look at a message that can thru way back in 2004. A valued friend Lucille Falcone helped me to put together a webpage that traveled thru out the world. Its message is still so important to remeber the we ALL are someones children–ALL life–and until we can get this into our minds and heads and see each other as we truly are there will always be violence and separatism Until we collectively reach the point where we can see and feel and speak and act thru our hearts, we have a long road ahead of us. The good news is that, there is a core movement of many who are reaching out by following their hearts, so the process has begun.
As you read the following excerpt,please realize this message can relate to any challenge faced today.

this is a page created in 2004 that has traveled world wide–russia and turkey list viewers

Please take a moment to read this entire page, and focus on White Tara’s image above for the well being of all the children serving in Iraq, and those destined to go there. We invite all to take part in this effort, and to circulate this picture and the description of intent and focus as it is found on this page. What cannot be done by one person alone is sure to be accomplished by the voice and prayers of many.

It only takes a moment to realize what it would mean for it to be your own son or daughter heading for a combat zone. This feeling is not exclusively held by American, French, and British parents, it is held by every nationality, including the parents of the Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, North and South Korean, and Saudi children.

White Tara , Her age is timeless, her message to us today is priceless.

Very recently, White Tara’s caretaker, Linda Frisch, found the first focus for energy in this situation. It was the beheading of Paul Johnson by Al-Qaeda that reached her in so many ways. At the same time, a member of skullpatch related that her son will be going overseas in preparation for deployment in Iraq sometime next year. Linda came to the realization that every person in Iraq, is somebody’s baby. The worry and stress of one parent – be it a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Pagan, Atheist – is all the same.

And so are the prayers and hopes for safety and an end to this situation that will not cost anymore lives. Together we have come up with a formula to unite all of these prayers and wishes into one strong voice, firm and resolute intent to end the situation in Iraq, in such a way that all involved can make it back to their families safe, sound, and alive. The instinct to keep safe the children – something born of love and rises above national and personal ego/greed driven goals.

In correspondence, Linda has often described the two Quan Yin surrounding White Tara as holding the energies of a mother’s love and compassion for this world and all life. Thus, the energies of mothers and fathers all over who pray for their sons and daughters is united with these three figures that hold an energy as old as time itself. It is a love that requires no religion, because it is ingrained in each person to want all the best for their children – the ones that will carry their own light and memory forward after they are gone.

I put this modified quote (changes denoted by ) here from Linda:

“When i read [about your son] –it touched my heart and it is so true—The death
of Paul Johnson–was finally the last straw for me personally—it
made me realize I had to do something no matter how small– just
Your personal story made me realized i should be more focussed in my
intentions— we bring our children into the world out of an act of
love and divinity— all the worlds children– creations of light–
no matter what age should NOT be subject to violence and the parents
of the world should not have to experience tragedy

The grid I have composed at home with the White Tara and Quan Yins —
I will place a written intention for the children and the families of
the world—may their world be safe and lives filled with Light and

(note) i do not have that original grid picture but i will add pictures of kuan yin to add their energy)

may your lives be filled with light


i would like to reinforce the message by a song sung by whiteny huston
“Greatest Love Of All”

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody’s searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I’ll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can’t take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be


And if, by chance, that special place
That you’ve been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in love