Spiritual life coach, animal activist, energy-healer, clairvoyant, and humanist. Providing insights into your souls journey. I provide compassionate spiritual understanding of all phases of the soul’s life challenges and experiences.

Allayah Frisch

Allayah Frisch, a retired hospice nurse, veteran radio host, and inspired speaker, clairvoyant, healer, and spiritual teacher has had unusual spiritual experiences of many kinds since infancy.  Starting in her early years of childhood, Allayah was able to see and interact with multiple dimensions and other-dimensional energies and beings. As she grew older, she became deeply religious, and her invisible guides (friends) helped her to remember past lives as a nun, missionary, and worker in a leper colony.  She also had spontaneous recollections of being involved with the healing waters and energies of Lourdes and Fatima, and when deeply distressed or traumatized she would have visions of the Divine Mother, whose energies would always comfort her. 
 At age 50 Allayah had a near-death/spiritual transformative  experience in connection with surgery for a massive brain tumor she developed and was not expected to survive.  As always, the Divine Mother of the World, as Allayah calls her, supported her, and Allayah was told that it was not her time to die, and that she would be returning to earth because she still had work to do.  She experienced permanent damage to the left side of her body, including visual impairment, hearing loss and speech difficulties.  Allayah’s healing abilities emerged strongly after her surgery, when she became a Reiki Master, and learned to work skillfully with plant-based energy.   Allayah has helped families with grief counseling and understanding soul experiences, healing begins.  Her Soul Purpose is to use her spiritual, psychic, and healing energies and skills to help others and the planet.

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