We All have our own individual soul journey in this incarnation. All are unique, yet there is a common ground of self-discovery in sharing and revealing of one’s experiences. A sense of familiarity of emotional understanding at a deeper level. NO one is better or more than another. This is an illusion of reality we need to work thru as a collective. WE are all on a journey of self-realization and of how we manifest our personal reality.

as shown by Our journeys are like an unfolding rose-fragile and pure. The bud of the rose is symbolic of our soul light. Within that symbolic thought form, all our inner knowledge and many life journeys is encased. As our soul light grows thru remembering, petals start to unfold revealing the multi-facets of our soul experience. Some petals unfold in beauty, expressing incarnated lives of reaching a sense of light and understanding, other petals on the edges show some wear and bruising but the rest of the petal expresses the same beauty and perfection of the others. All of this is symbolic but shows the point that no matter whether our experiences are good or bad there is still the soul light within. Do not overthink this example, please. All challenges in our lives are for self-growth. When the rose full blossoms and all petals are unfolded, we visually see our soul journey to self-realization. The beauty within and potential of all the human collective.

Be kind to others and yourself as we grow and learn together. In one heart Allayah