Circle of Life

From Spirit, we incarnate into this plane of existence.  Finding our soul expression and growing from the experiences we have manifested in this design of our journey.  When as a Soul. our soul purpose has been met, there is an energetic exit point we have labeled as the Death Experience.  The so-called perceived ending of our spiritual expression on this physical plane of reality. A return or rebirth into the expansive light we are.

Grief is the emotional expression or experience of loss or major change of some form. Depending on the spiritual transformative experience(STE), we perceive the emotion in different perceptions.  A core definition of loss of something that was known in our reality.  This is a personal period of conscious transition and also a rebirth for those experiencing grief.

To allow the full expression of emotions. A time to reflect and a time to release and heal the past.

The sense of loss in its many forms is a growth experience as an emotion inspired.  Emotions are energy, which when focussed in thoughts manifest experiences surrounding us.  Grief also symbolizes a time for healing. Never allow outside influences to have you rush the experience, no matter how well-intentioned.   This change is a spiritual growth experience for all involved.  Your inner knowing will guide you.  Do not try to meet others’ expectations.  Healing whether it be an emotional or physical wound, takes time and this is our journey.

The healing journey is one of emerging into self-understanding.  A journey of seeking understanding and trusting ones self.  It is a conscious unfolding of your own soul expression and empowerment.

It is time to recognize that both collectively and personally, we are at a junction, where we need to make a conscious choice to thrive or fall back into the victim mindset.

Recognize your soul’s purpose in this chaotic time of energy, reflect, then choose a thought or action that reflects your inner being.  Your inner being is the expression of your heart’s energy, which connects us to all life on this planet.

The Heart-Mind transformation, that results in clarity and expressing your true essence, without the influences of what surrounds you.

I ask the question of both myself and others:  “ Why are so afraid to live a meaningful existence”?  Is it the reflection of our own self-worthiness we need to resolve or the feeling of being a victim to life, because of distracted influences presented by society?

The energy of facing passive-aggressive situations, and our desire to fit in even if something does not feel right to our inner self.

There needs to be a balance in this decision when faced with certain situations.  To consciously choose how we react and words spoken.

The energy of stability, clarity of thought and actions result in balance and better expression of a meaningful life.  One must choose to be responsible for individual thought and change your perceptions first.  These individual actions add to the positive trajectory of change within all life.  To paraphrase Gandhi  “ Be the change you wish to see in your world”  

Wise words echoed throughout AGES, when followed you will be co-creating the change and dreams for the world you wish to live in. 

In one heart   Allayah

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