Ascension transmission

Ascension-The initiatory process to Awareness.

From a Soul perspective, we are in a cycle of rebirth.   The phoenix effect whereby all illusions must be shattered so that consciously we can become aware or enlighten humans.  What that means simply is that All of our knowledge of what we think or what we were taught through many timelines is shattered so that we can look through the cloudy perceptions and start to value our inner knowing instead of following what was perceived by others as truth.  Simply put.  We follow our inner truth.  This is the start of the spiritual quest of the seeker.  Many have been on this path thru many timelines and this info is always held within your akasha.  We now are moving fwd as our perceptions are clearing and we are seeing and feeling what has been hidden from plain sight.  This awareness has brought a great level of chaotic energy into reality as we know it, Many souls become aware at different timing according to their soul plan. Thus reacting and projecting more discordant energy into the collective.  So we see the duality here.  Those who are aware and follow their inner knowledge and hold light space anchoring into Gaia.  On the opposite end, you have those who are just reacting emotionally to a variety of outside triggers not realizing and thru word, thought, or deed the energy they are creating into the collective whole.  All paths eventually lead to oneness and it is this cycle of transformative energy we are experiencing.   It is difficult to experience but each soul in the human collective energy has a role and purpose in this timeline.  Ultimately it is needed to see the duality, for both sides to recognize without judgment that we are on the same journey  To find balance, peace, health, etc. To create the Golden age of Gaia that has been prophesied thru time.    This is already existent or manifested and we are in the process of clearing and healing and coming into a sense of unity.  “  Darkness before the Dawn” a phrase known thru time applies to the present.  Souls’ incarnation needs to be shaken from their old pattern perceptions and cleared and healed so all can reach the ultimate goal of the ultimate golden age of respect for all life forms on Gaia.  This dark nite of the Soul is an initiatory process we are going thru as collectively souls’ lights are breaking thru the darkness, like stars in the night sky.  As more awaken the light of their souls breaks thru the darkness till it no longer exists.    All find their way as this is a process of self-growth.  Hard lessons but permanent results from it as you are the changemakers.  All your hard work will aid this planet in ascending into a higher light as new earthstar.  Hold on to your soul path and recognize the light work you are doing.  You are all supported by your spirit guides and angels and protected as you follow your path  Ask for and trust the guidance received.  You are so loved and protected

AA Micheal thru the voice of Allayah

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