Energy Healing

All is energy, brought together thru different vibratory rates which creates a physical thoughtform. We are a soul consciousness that is encased or covered with a physical energetic body designed by the Soul to experience certain growth challenges, karmic resolutions, and understanding. We are learning how to consciously master the form we inhabit on many levels. I realize that sounds very futuristic but think about this. We have been brought to the level of understanding of the existence of the Soul, thru different cultures and religious dogmas. Presently many enlightened speakers talk of the Journey of the soul.

So let us start from this perception created in the NOW. For those comfortable with this perception, Let us begin by helping you remember your innate understanding of energy. Especially how the physical form is affected by your levels of both emotional and spiritual understanding. this is the basis for holistic healing. Let us not forget Gaia which is a physical planet but also an energetic form that

Many tend to forget this and drain her form instead of creating a symbiotic relationship. It is also important to realize, were not the only nurtures our existence and supply us with all we need to thrive. We as collective consciousness neglect this idea and take so much for granted. As we see the destruction of the planet which nutures us. Realization is starting to settle in. Indigenous elders have shared their stories but we have ignored as just stories. There is no superior hierarchy of human consciousness More of the human collective has come to realize the part all the different life forms and consciousness have on this planet. Unity and respect for all life is the message. we need each other to thrive. All is energy and are part of that consciousness. So much wisdom of all the life on this planet we learn from and how Gaia supplies us with all we need to heal and thrive. Recognizing that all is energy and our remembering will allow the creation of the newearthstar.