The world upset and violence, it only takes a moment to realize what it would mean for your own son or daughter This feeling it is held by every nationality,… the children of the world
And so are the prayers and hopes for safety and an end to this situation/violence that will not cost anymore lives. Together , let us unite all of these prayers and wishes into one strong voice, firm and resolute intent to end the violence, in such a way that all involved can keep all life, sound, and alive. The instinct to keep safe the children – something born of love and rises above national and personal ego/greed driven goals.

let us holding the energies of a mother’s love and compassion for this world and all life. Thus, the energies of mothers and fathers all over who pray for their sons and daughters is united . It is a love that requires no religion, because it is ingrained in each person to want all the best for their children – the ones that will carry their own light and memory forward after they are gone.

we bring our children into the world out of an act of
love and divinity— all the worlds children– creations of light–
no matter what age should NOT be subject to violence and the parents
of the world should not have to experience tragedy. All life forms, not just human forms are the children of Gaia. the Mother planet nurtures and sustains her children unconditionally. Let us find the flames of peace and kindness within our hearts and send prayerful waves of unconditional love to all, in any spiritual manner you are comfortable. We are one heart, Allayah

Past Lives Triggers

When we consider exploring our soul journey as a conscious review, in this incarnation, do it with a clean slate. WE need to perceive the experience with new vision and unlimited possibilities of how this will help our soul experience and grow. Depending on the spiritual dogma we incarnated into or embraced as belief in the NOW. We either perceive reincarnation as a truth experience or not.

It is important for the sake of growth, to review, and rethink our perceptions from the stance of soul inner knowledge and not from what we have been told throughout history. Soul knowledge is an expansive vibration of experience that we have integrated and aligned within our energy form. This leads us to our sense of multidimensionality, unlimited knowledge and experiences. Of the many lessons and experiences we have encountered through our many lives. The mastery of emotions and power of our words, which are energy, is a difficult challenge. It affects both our physical form and our reality on many levels. The past life energy triggers many times and can block our healing as we do not recognize it, and we consistently recreate them in many ways. Thus, we continually repeat the lesson until we discover the core issue that was not resolved or healed.

Healing of life as we know it occurs on many levels when we recognize the core issue which has affected your reality. You have the choice and free will to heal and reset your life experience. Exploring past life triggers that effect yo in the now is one energy tool available. Explore you soul journey with an open mind and hear and use the inner knowledge available to facilitate your healing and rebirth in this incarnation without having to repeat cycles of life. The purity of your soul-light and love is needed during this time of transformation as a service to all life forms. In one heart Allayah

Guiding Light

I believe guidance is the perfect energy intention,, for this soul journey site. I am not here to teach you but help you remember your unique soul path. Teaching is a dogma which shares knowledge within limitations created by others.

Everything has its purpose in this journey of experiences. In these times of exceptional changes. what we need is to move past the boundaries of perception created in the past. Also to expand our energy to perceive the unlimited inner knowing which is within each of you. The Collective has experienced the perception that knowledge and creativity is limited to a few. We are in a period of becoming aware of consciously elevating our thoughts and words, and not redirect them into isolated compartments of whether we feel worthy of inspired ideas or worthy of even knowing. We are finding value of our soul experience and journey. We are learning from and mastering the emotional reactions and reality created from our thoughts and emotions. Helping you to recognize all thats within you and to realize your sense of individuality and unlimited possibilities in this incarnation Also what you can contribute, with this inner awareness to the planet and all her life forms.

I was given the spirit name, Allayah, meaning one who shines the light on the path of others for their soul evolution. I AM a spiritual guide incarnatd in physical form.

A an Elder, in physical terms, I have come to understand the Circle of Life experience thru many challenges, Both physical and emotional levels of manifesting personal reality.

Life presents a unique education by which to grow and evolve. Remembering your soul’s inner knowing adds diversity of thought and understanding.

let us walk together the path of discovery and awareness together;

On one heart Allaya

Healing Awareness

I decided to restart this blog, in reference to Healing-for- Humanity intentions. After a period of quiet, as i reflected on both the personal and collective and the emotional levels involved in both. How they show up in our realities and our souls need to come to a balance.

The past years have been ones of change. No one wants to change, to move out of our comfortzones and experience Loss or the grieving process. But ultimately all leads to our soul growth, clarity and new perceptions of life and experiences. It also opens our hearts even on a deeper level as we process the experience. Like the phenoix we need to be destroyed of old before we can rise and be recreated from those ashes. This is conscious rebirth. Thru our reflections, we then can take our first step into healing and finding true meaning of life in this new chapter of experience.

Loss and Grief are so intertwined, they can both be applied to mmany facets of life experiences. Not just the loss of a dear one, or could mean loss of a job, home, relationship, health and the list goes on. The emotions of grief kick in with this transformative experience, rocking our complacent lives with questions of why? So many unanswered question, we seek answers from those outside ourselves. Some answers come in form of inspired messages on social media or from enlightened authors whose works add a piece to the unending puzzle . These all have their place in our seeking, but the truest answers come from your inner knowing. When you step back from outward life even for a few minutes each day, you clear your mind from distractions and emotions which surround you. Each day, a daily practice, some call it a daily spiritual practice. Some do already when they take time to pray. It becomes part of your life without effort. You will start to acknowledge those gut feelings that belong to you, or that little voice you hear that leads and gives comfort. You always have freewill. No outside guidance thats not your own spiritual light forces you. Your own inner knowing and guidance will not lead you astray if you listen with your heart.

You can only change your own experience and not fix others. Sometimes just standing by with unconditional love and understand for the support of the individual is what is needed. Holding space is the term used. Being sensitive souls you wish to relieve suffering, but we must respect the journey and lessons chosen to be experienced for their journey.

I shall cut this short for now, but these sharings will be part of a series called circle of life. Exploring from a souls perspective The souls journey from incarnating into physical form from spirit to rebirth back into spirit. Including all the challenges and emotions both person and collectively. Ultimately to help you become conscious of the unique soul and galactic being you are. Spiritual perspective and open to all religious dogmas. As we are truly One heart in essence.

Let us begin and heal together

In one heart Allaya