This is an inspired channel thru one of my Himalayan crystal skull of antiquity from a few years back. I share this as a reminder of your soul purpose in this life. To remember your light and purpose during these challenging times.

crystal skulls are forms of solid light energy thru which positive oracle insights come thru. This light is an energy tool thru time.

Melchezidek Speaking

To the Community of earth guardians,
The time has come to lift the veils from your eyes…Radiate the Light within you and join as One to manifest the cites of light upon this ascended planet.

AS in times of old, you Now have the chance to create and experience a life of Light. This is within your grasp, The energies of Light and darkness have been misunderstood over eons of time. Dark is only energy that has not been exposed to the Light of the Source. It is raw energy matter of creation. Understood by those whose intention was self-serving at the times.

it is time to take the self imposed blinders off and stop being led and not discerning intuitively what is right for you. But to see that all is composed of Light matter. It is Time to join hands in the brillance of Light that is before you. The veils of illusion are dissolving quickly because of this exposure and understanding of Light energy. You came to this planet to experience the energy of creation, to create beauty within and without.

Take back the light that is within you
take back the love for all within your heart
clear your sight so as to see the Light and Love within every thoughtform on this planet

This is the begining of the New Dawn of Man

thru the voice of Allayah


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