You are the doves


looking at the larger picture unfolding. yesterday I saw a vision of a multiple groupings coming out of the darkness into the light. the message I was given the doves of peace are those holding space and with renewed faith seeing thru the densities and moving fwd more light is radiated to those who may not see thru the illusions and the larger picture of the planets undergoing. this shows the first measurable step in the healing process. Many of us are now needing to step forth and help show the path of light. you always have free choice and be discerning but allow the spark of your souls light clear your vision you are the doves emerging from the darkness.

No individual leader, country, religion, dogma , group or star nation will individually save us. Look within to your heart and inner knowing. Be willing to follow your heart energy and dreams for a new dawn energy manifesting for all the life forms on Gaia. Remember your soul’s purpose and not let others distract you with their chaotic thought. Be true to your own light…Allaya

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