Yesterday, i had the chance to speak in depth to a very intuitive and inspired young woman/old soul about some changes to be made in the direction of my path and where i wish to focus on. She will be helping me with technology and editing. So Changes are in progress in this form of communication and making these pages more user friendly. I really tried lol but step back to allow the more technology savvy younger generation take over and edit this creation. So i am entering into cocreation a platform of new earthstar material. As we spoke about looking at the larger cycle we are in. The image came of the phoenix.

What we see here is the burning off of densities and illusions , We are of clearer vision. This cycle has been the dark nite of soul, both collective and personally . We had to face ourselves truthfully, face our part in this creation and cannot keep pointing fingers of blame on others on many levels. To take responsibility for how we added to the energy through our thoughts and words. Its been overwhelming world wide all this dense energy but it had to be faced before the healing can begin. An important part to remember is to look forward and remember the storm clears the way and light dawns to all. This is a most difficult time with fears both personal and collective. But each of you whether you consciously realize it or not, have an important soul purpose role in this period of healing that is waiting for us to step forth into. Take back your power to think for yourself and be ruled by your heart energy.

The White Peacock symbolizes the Divine self realized, purified and cleansed the illuminated soul self is seen, as if witnessing itself being born again the Divine self is resurrected from the fire of fear and the shadows of doubt. White Peacock is aligned to the higher consciousness, and the greatest most benevolent outcomes.

I was surprised to be shown the White peacock, but when i saw the meaning, it makes sense. The peacock is known for its beautiful feathers and is many eyes. There is much symbolism here so reflect on this image- feel its energy and open your listening to your inner knowing and hear and trust the knowledge. I AM a SEER. This is the potential which is before all souls. You can and will make this change. YOU are all amazing souls incarnate at this specific time of earth”s history. We are in information overload but each voice will add to the energy of awareness of all life if you follow your heart energy and see the world as a beautiful blank canvas you are the painter. Create beauty thru light and love energy. Where ever you are on the path of awareness, everyone has the unlimited potential to add to the overall health and beauty of all life creations. Choose to move fwd and not get lost in the dark/illusion. Step into your fullness by following you heart. The healing of all life forms on this planet has begun. Be the change . In one heart Allaya

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