In a previous blog, I explored how the energy of your words and thoughts are the basis of The law of attraction. How many times have you heard- BE care of what you wish for- or What you think you create. The lessons have always been there but we do not bring them into awareness. i have not done this either in the past lol. What if you try an experiment for 30 days with me. Using the law of attraction or the thought-what ever you think or say you manifest. If you think on this simply how in your life your words or thoughts- which are energy manifesting has effected your life circumstances or health you will find examples the effect on your life and being. Now lets start simply and be consciously aware of what you say. and you will see results. Allow the good to happen in ways it is designed for you. Let us say-upon waking. you can start the day with two simple statements and end the day before you sleep with the same two statements. Then just release the words without condition and you will see results. For example. Before getting out of bed-say-Todays a good day, I AM safe and healthy–Use your own words. Also you can say Money(which is energy) comes to me in my hand, in the bank or in the mail. Release and trust these thoughts to the universe. I have done this and it works. You can do this once in morning and once before sleep. Give it a try for a month and watch for things to happen.

What you are doing is working with the energy of words and thoughts–Consciously. You been doing all thru you life unconsciouslly but now we bring to awareness. Keep it simple and allow the good to happen in ways best for you.

Thru life, i often told my daughters what you think you create. My favorite example if you keep saying or thinking you get a pimple on your nose before the prom-it going to show up lol Its all about changing your thinking. In this world of chaos and negativity where we are told nothing is safe.. What if you say those mantras- or what ever label you choose to associate with this daily ritual. What do you have to lose? you will feel safe and abundance flowing to you in unexpected ways.. Keep it simple and you will be seeding new thoughts to create positive in your life.

Make the choice to change your life–This is within your power to do so. Give it a try and you will see a difference, and this will empower you to create the life you desire in a safe and positive manner. Allaya

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