In this journey of healing oneself and the collective humanity. We have come to an awareness, that all we draw to us, whether it be people or events is showing us something. A challenge, a lesson. It has been said that Gaia is a school of learning. A necessary part of our soul journey. For the most part we wish to ignore alot around us. But with open minds we begin to see what attitudes etc that we attract to us, there is a growth lesson being shown. Many people are mirrors of ourselves. Reflecting things need to be seen and addressed

An interesting awareness is that people as reflections can show us qualities of understanding and compassion that we may need for soul growth in our soul journey and also past lives knowledge and aspects reappear in our awareness so as to add to our inner knowing and wholeness.

Become aware of all the synchrony that comes your way and the souls who cross your path that help trigger awareness. Enjoy the soul journey of enlightenment you are on


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