Now that I have your Attention

To begin with, creating this blog is definitely a learning experience for me. So I am sure you will find many imperfections lol. For example i have not mastered how to trim of the Matters not really , just the content of the questions presented.

Are you ready to take that first step in conscious awareness in the NOW, and graduate so to speak into full empowerment and purpose. So many life times of learning, both on this planet and other dimensional spaces. Your Soul/Oversoul designed these challenges and contracts with others soul wise for your growth and learning experience. Up to the age 5, we are so aware and connected to Source and all life forms, then our vision and clarity faded as we accepted old patterning of our thoughts again. How many incarnations have we returned to this same lesson or challenge. Progressing yet not quite geting it. So easy to point blame on patterning thoughts from parents, countries of origins, religious affiliations and the list go on. Never taking responsibility for what you as a soul designed and incarnated. Seeing yourself as a victim of many outside influences. The lesson in this incarnation was to look beyond the victim mentality and see the lesson you created to develop and grow.

If drawn to this blog, your ready to see with new eyes and open mind. There is no rights or wrong in this ascending work. NO judgemets if you do now or another incarnation. When your ready You will feel that inner knowing, ITs time. Always free will and choice. No one going to do it for you. This is a personal soul journey.

So Now that i made you think, reflect on these past years and what challenges you experienced and grown from This was your soul design for this incarnation. Again remeber free will. I know hard to realize the why, but always for the greater design both on a personal or collective experience. Everyone of you, have a soul purpose to add to this evolving historical moment. Your remebering is the Key. Putting and integrating the pieces of the great puzzle you are part of.

I have gone thru this, the highs and lows. the confusion and enlightenment. Thus I empathize and understand on many levels. If yo were to check on my background story, you start to understand the journey. Some negative experiences i did not add, but the lessons there, At 71, I feel i need to use my unique remembring in service to those drawn. So we begin, a simple yet clear approach to your own understanding.

As i navigate this digital world lol. i will add some live talk videos from facebook to add to these ponderings. Many blessings Allaya

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