Time to Heal

Follow your heart urgings


The year of 2020 has been a difficult cycle of change. Many have forgotten that you , as a soul, chose to be here at this period of time for both to help the planet and collective life forms to raise in vibration. Anytime you instigate change on any level, what you knew before must be dismantled for the clear light to shine thru with clarity. There has always been freewill in choices the soul has contracted. It is thru challenges we experience and grow and eventually again realize, this time conscious awareness of the oneness of life in all its forms. We have forgotten that what we see before us and around us is of our own creation. Harsh words to comprehend but the good news is we have now seen what needs to be changed and addressed for ALL life form consciousness on this planet , and we can NOW start the healing. If we did not go thru these very difficult challenges we would not be aware of this need to reestablish peace and healing and abundance for ALL. this is within our grasp now and balance needed but it will come. WE again will become aware that we are spirit in form. That is the core of all life here. ONE heart. We will no longer speak in anger or act impulsively when we again stop and be accountable for our actions and thoughts. No longer pointing fingers of blame but accept our own energy in responsibility for what we create or add into the collective by our words. If you want peace and life abundant and healing. Look to your own thoughts and words instead of being a follower. YOU can do this, We all can do this together. Make your choice and start the healing you all desire. Thru one heart Allaya

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