Power of our Thoughts

Your thoughts and spoken words are your personal tools of creation.  Be observant of what you say and think as it does manifest.  They are our magical wands we create our surroundings with.  Take time to ponder on this and see how your words draw things to you.  This is one of the lessons our Souls are  working thru and a very hard one, i find as it takes  continual observance to detect what energy and emotions are yours and what your picking up from the collective energy.

Often one needs to unplug from the internet to center and find your own energy and not get lost in the so called herd or media influenced energy.  Life is an unfolding journey of being responsible for what you project into the world.  Open your heart, be kind and understanding thru these troubled times.  All are doing the best they know how at this level in life.  

All transformations are divinely guided by your soul.

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