A Mother’s Love

Since the time of creation, when your soul lights entered Gaia–I have been by your side unseen
As you remove the veils of illusion you have placed over your eyes and hearts- you now remember me
I am the Mother-You my children-we never parted-We are one soul light.
I hold you all to my heart–the Source of All-
AS you feel the love and light in your heart of hearts-remember me–as I have come back to Gaia in the hearts of both man and woman–and ALL life forms
Allow the Motherlove fill your being and may you be this Love in your words and actions.
A Mothers love will heal the hearts of mankind and all life on Gaia
when you step into 2020 energy- you shed the dark burdens of the past and emerge into the love light.
Unlock and release the veils that cloud your eyes and heart
see the truth-feel the truth from your heart
You, my children are the ones Gaia has waited for to awaken. You will change the world’s energy by just being the shining heart lights you are
I enfold you in my Being

One heart
The Mother of the World Collective
thru the voice of allayah/linda

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