The Remebering

The Remebering

It is a special time in the collective humanity evolution. Our sight is being cleared and we are as a whole returning to our connection to the planet. We are becoming childlike as we transition to the new dimension. Our eyes are cleared of the imposing restrictions placed upon our forms with the restricting stories we given to accept. All is energy in many life forms and we discover that human lifeforms are just part of a collection of many energetic life consciousnesses which inhabit this planet with us and we are part of a larger energetic design. we are not alone. As children, newly incarnated souls we see and feel and hear all energetic life . they become our friends and cocreators until the point we are told to grow up and our friends are both imaginary and fantasy told in tales to entertain little children. We lose our connection and vision of the teeming life around us and we become alone once again, isolated from what exists around us. As children, we delight in the so-called fantasy of otherworldly beings, who in our hearts we know as real but to fit in the world we experience we are told to deny why we know to be true. at many different times in our earth experiences, we are once again becoming aware of the otherworldly energies and each time we acknowledge them more as existent. Now we, are at a junction where we are becoming aware and what we were told is fantasy is real. Our guardians, the devas, the fairies, the dragons the unicorns, the angels,etc all have traveled with us in our co-experience as they ask us now to step forth acknowledge them and co-create with them in the new dawn coming. Are you ready to acknowledge them and communicate and respect their existence?

Follow your heart in light and love



We All have our own individual soul journey in this incarnation. All are unique, yet there is a common ground of self-discovery in sharing and revealing of one’s experiences. A sense of familiarity of emotional understanding at a deeper level. NO one is better or more than another. This is an illusion of reality we need to work thru as a collective. WE are all on a journey of self-realization and of how we manifest our personal reality.

as shown by Our journeys are like an unfolding rose-fragile and pure. The bud of the rose is symbolic of our soul light. Within that symbolic thought form, all our inner knowledge and many life journeys is encased. As our soul light grows thru remembering, petals start to unfold revealing the multi-facets of our soul experience. Some petals unfold in beauty, expressing incarnated lives of reaching a sense of light and understanding, other petals on the edges show some wear and bruising but the rest of the petal expresses the same beauty and perfection of the others. All of this is symbolic but shows the point that no matter whether our experiences are good or bad there is still the soul light within. Do not overthink this example, please. All challenges in our lives are for self-growth. When the rose full blossoms and all petals are unfolded, we visually see our soul journey to self-realization. The beauty within and potential of all the human collective.

Be kind to others and yourself as we grow and learn together. In one heart Allayah

Inner knowledge is our guide

Have you ever asked yourself-What are Guides?

We are Source. We are multidimensional beings, whose streams of energy exist on this planet. We are also Cosmic streams of energy energy that created physical forms to experience the lessons of creational energy for growth, both on a personal and collective level. Thus to say, we are all incarnated souls which connect to the Source of All is our awakened perception. Our inner beings’ inspiration, is expressing the streams of consciousness contained within. Our aware Soul knowledge connects with our inner self. We are in turn connecting with our vastness, which we placed the label as guides. When we open our awareness, even more, we come to realize our Guides are part of our awareness as a larger vibrational energy in Oneness.

We are the Ancestors, has a more timely meaning in the Now. We have been waiting for ourselves to awaken.

in one heart Allayah

Coming Out

COMING OUT, is an interesting term of energy- a label referring to many meanings. I have always admired the strength of Souls who have stepped forth and said or expressed their whole light to the world. Personally, i have belonged to a generation that chooses to hide lol. The present world, we see the cycle of emerging acceptance of all kinds of different expressions of individuality. It is happening even though progress is slow and difficult times. The Me/WE TOO movements have opened doors that more are accepting in awareness yet the downside to some extent, is that we tend as a collective to follow or become groupings, purely as a comfort zone. Why is it so scary just to accept all that you are? History and cultures have instilled learning patterns of do not go against cultures or societies as not accepted. I do feel thru the emerging awareness-we have tried on several labels or identities to express ourselves in this world. But in doing so you have limited your expressions of what you can be–unlimited potential.

Forego old thought patterns of judgments and really see individuals as they journey to self express their light, Just as your doing your own unfolding. All is soul designed to grow AND BE CONSCIOUSLY AWARE. The process is unfolding as we begin to recognize this spiritual journey we are involved in as a collective.

Follow the words of John Lennon’s song–Imagine We can do this–Do not be afraid of expressing your heart’s light- WE are ONE HEART. …allayah

Reminder to self

When we choose to clear our minds of all the outside densities that distract us, that within us is the ability to be empowered. Nothing is impossible to change when we fully realize that we manifest what we feel and see on both a physical and emotional level. This applies to your personal journey and collective involvement.. We need to choose between the mindset of I Am a victim of all that surrounds to I can choose Change. The collective world is presently undergoing the proverbial dark not of the soul. Where all the emotional trauma energy of the Past and its lessons created through fear full emotions has enveloped us so greatly that we get lost in the fears, and thus recreating these patterns. We as a collective will continue to recreate this fearful energy until we can stop. detach for even a moment and realize there is always a choice. Sometimes this short moment at times of recognizing you have a choice- opens the door to clarity and you can choose to change on a personal level. The light comes thru the darkness, the proverbial AHA moment. Then the energy of empowerment and healing begins. You become that spark of light in the darkness. That is the true soul purpose and one that is largely overlooked. We all go thru dark periods, but we learn and grow thru them. The phoenix is symbolic of the rise from the ashes- the deconstruction of chaotic energy- to the rebirth into the light of perfection and awareness. You are perfect as is, your soul’s creation. You do not need to be anything other than who you are or emulate the so-called perfection of others/influencers. Then you open the door to the journey of all is possible and healing of whatever is needed. You then recognize that all is possible as you are creating what you see and feel. Take responsibility and chose and create the changes you desire. Take that first step and the path of your soul will light up and you will do what is right for you in this period of growth and transformation we are in. The leading by example you will spark the flames of others. Be the Change, Be the light.

Nothing is impossible…Allayah

Authentic you

I find one of life’s greatest challenges is to be comfortable with who you are as a soul expression and to acknowledge your inner knowing. The wisdom of your soul is unique to every individual and accessible if you would only allow it to come through.

A young child comes into life with full knowledge of ALL that is. Thru generations, we teach it limitations to conform to either cultural or societies rules. So they will conform and fit within acceptable expectations.

Our inner beings seek self-expression and unlimited possibilities to create, but instead, creativity may be frowned upon as an illusion of self-worth as passed on thru generations. Some break through this emotional patterning and become the leaders, the rest followers. What if? It was accepted that every soul has the potential to create all possibilities and that each one’s soul journey was as important as the next. ALL have the right to create for the highest good of all life.

There would no longer be class distinctions, as all would be expressing their authentic souls, joined in one heart for humanity. .. Allayah

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Chaos opens our eyes

The world is upset and violent, it only takes a moment to realize what it would mean for your own son or daughter This feeling it is held by every nationality,… the children of the world

And so are the prayers and hopes for safety and an end to this situation/violence that will not cost any more lives. Together, let us unite all of these prayers and wishes into one strong voice, firm and resolute intent to end the violence, in such a way that all involved can keep all life, sound, and alive. The instinct to keep safe the children – something born of love and rises above national and personal ego/greed-driven goals.

let us hold the energies of a mother’s love and compassion for this world and all life. Thus, the energies of mothers and fathers all over who pray for their sons and daughters is united. It is a love that requires no religion because it is ingrained in each person to want all the best for their children – the ones that will carry their own light and memory forward after they are gone.

we bring our children into the world out of an act of

love and divinity— all the worlds children– creations of light–

no matter what age should NOT be subject to violence and the parents

of the world should not have to experience tragedy. All life forms, not just human forms are the children of Gaia. the Mother planet nurtures and sustains her children unconditionally. Let us find the flames of peace and kindness within our hearts and send prayerful waves of unconditional love to all, in any spiritual manner you are comfortable. We are one heart, Allayah

: Peace in your heart

Ascension transmission

Ascension-The initiatory process to Awareness.

From a Soul perspective, we are in a cycle of rebirth.   The phoenix effect whereby all illusions must be shattered so that consciously we can become aware or enlighten humans.  What that means simply is that All of our knowledge of what we think or what we were taught through many timelines is shattered so that we can look through the cloudy perceptions and start to value our inner knowing instead of following what was perceived by others as truth.  Simply put.  We follow our inner truth.  This is the start of the spiritual quest of the seeker.  Many have been on this path thru many timelines and this info is always held within your akasha.  We now are moving fwd as our perceptions are clearing and we are seeing and feeling what has been hidden from plain sight.  This awareness has brought a great level of chaotic energy into reality as we know it, Many souls become aware at different timing according to their soul plan. Thus reacting and projecting more discordant energy into the collective.  So we see the duality here.  Those who are aware and follow their inner knowledge and hold light space anchoring into Gaia.  On the opposite end, you have those who are just reacting emotionally to a variety of outside triggers not realizing and thru word, thought, or deed the energy they are creating into the collective whole.  All paths eventually lead to oneness and it is this cycle of transformative energy we are experiencing.   It is difficult to experience but each soul in the human collective energy has a role and purpose in this timeline.  Ultimately it is needed to see the duality, for both sides to recognize without judgment that we are on the same journey  To find balance, peace, health, etc. To create the Golden age of Gaia that has been prophesied thru time.    This is already existent or manifested and we are in the process of clearing and healing and coming into a sense of unity.  “  Darkness before the Dawn” a phrase known thru time applies to the present.  Souls’ incarnation needs to be shaken from their old pattern perceptions and cleared and healed so all can reach the ultimate goal of the ultimate golden age of respect for all life forms on Gaia.  This dark nite of the Soul is an initiatory process we are going thru as collectively souls’ lights are breaking thru the darkness, like stars in the night sky.  As more awaken the light of their souls breaks thru the darkness till it no longer exists.    All find their way as this is a process of self-growth.  Hard lessons but permanent results from it as you are the changemakers.  All your hard work will aid this planet in ascending into a higher light as new earthstar.  Hold on to your soul path and recognize the light work you are doing.  You are all supported by your spirit guides and angels and protected as you follow your path  Ask for and trust the guidance received.  You are so loved and protected

AA Micheal thru the voice of Allayah

Rebirth into Spirit

Having had a personal loss, i had some time for self-reflection. This is my musings during this process of healing.

Afterlife is an interesting word.    The meaning is reflective of the thoughts of the person using it.  First of all, in this journey, there is no right or wrong way.  Just self-development thru understanding, which is the intuitive trigger thru the awareness of the individual seeker.

In a previous article, I briefly touched upon the term, Death experience.  There is no single definition that applies to all.  Instead it is an umbrella term used to contain the many interpretations of cultures and religious dogmas.   

I mentioned loss in reference to transitions.  The human collective, is at a point of awareness, that a great deal of information is available to those that seek answers.  Thus do we really lose them?  As confirmed by the comforting expression  “sorry for your loss”.  Maybe in the physical reality sense, but energetically, with that strong heart chakra bond, they still exist with us.  Our sight and senses are being cleared so that we can experience a deeper connection with them, as they are still part of our past, future, and in NOW.  Guiding us in support in the continued journey of our Soul experience.   Energy is never lost or destroyed but transformed into different expressions.

Mediums are souls who have a soul purpose as connecting points of light between the physical and afterlife expressions.  By the connection, the healing through understanding begins and the development of self-aware connection and connection begins when the seeker is ready.

in one heart Allayah

Circle of Life

From Spirit, we incarnate into this plane of existence.  Finding our soul expression and growing from the experiences we have manifested in this design of our journey.  When as a Soul. our soul purpose has been met, there is an energetic exit point we have labeled as the Death Experience.  The so-called perceived ending of our spiritual expression on this physical plane of reality. A return or rebirth into the expansive light we are.

Grief is the emotional expression or experience of loss or major change of some form. Depending on the spiritual transformative experience(STE), we perceive the emotion in different perceptions.  A core definition of loss of something that was known in our reality.  This is a personal period of conscious transition and also a rebirth for those experiencing grief.

To allow the full expression of emotions. A time to reflect and a time to release and heal the past.

The sense of loss in its many forms is a growth experience as an emotion inspired.  Emotions are energy, which when focussed in thoughts manifest experiences surrounding us.  Grief also symbolizes a time for healing. Never allow outside influences to have you rush the experience, no matter how well-intentioned.   This change is a spiritual growth experience for all involved.  Your inner knowing will guide you.  Do not try to meet others’ expectations.  Healing whether it be an emotional or physical wound, takes time and this is our journey.

The healing journey is one of emerging into self-understanding.  A journey of seeking understanding and trusting ones self.  It is a conscious unfolding of your own soul expression and empowerment.

It is time to recognize that both collectively and personally, we are at a junction, where we need to make a conscious choice to thrive or fall back into the victim mindset.

Recognize your soul’s purpose in this chaotic time of energy, reflect, then choose a thought or action that reflects your inner being.  Your inner being is the expression of your heart’s energy, which connects us to all life on this planet.

The Heart-Mind transformation, that results in clarity and expressing your true essence, without the influences of what surrounds you.

I ask the question of both myself and others:  “ Why are so afraid to live a meaningful existence”?  Is it the reflection of our own self-worthiness we need to resolve or the feeling of being a victim to life, because of distracted influences presented by society?

The energy of facing passive-aggressive situations, and our desire to fit in even if something does not feel right to our inner self.

There needs to be a balance in this decision when faced with certain situations.  To consciously choose how we react and words spoken.

The energy of stability, clarity of thought and actions result in balance and better expression of a meaningful life.  One must choose to be responsible for individual thought and change your perceptions first.  These individual actions add to the positive trajectory of change within all life.  To paraphrase Gandhi  “ Be the change you wish to see in your world”  

Wise words echoed throughout AGES, when followed you will be co-creating the change and dreams for the world you wish to live in. 

In one heart   Allayah

Energy Healing

All is energy, brought together thru different vibratory rates which creates a physical thoughtform. We are a soul consciousness that is encased or covered with a physical energetic body designed by the Soul to experience certain growth challenges, karmic resolutions, and understanding. We are learning how to consciously master the form we inhabit on many levels. I realize that sounds very futuristic but think about this. We have been brought to the level of understanding of the existence of the Soul, thru different cultures and religious dogmas. Presently many enlightened speakers talk of the Journey of the soul.

So let us start from this perception created in the NOW. For those comfortable with this perception, Let us begin by helping you remember your innate understanding of energy. Especially how the physical form is affected by your levels of both emotional and spiritual understanding. this is the basis for holistic healing. Let us not forget Gaia which is a physical planet but also an energetic form that

Many tend to forget this and drain her form instead of creating a symbiotic relationship. It is also important to realize, were not the only nurtures our existence and supply us with all we need to thrive. We as collective consciousness neglect this idea and take so much for granted. As we see the destruction of the planet which nutures us. Realization is starting to settle in. Indigenous elders have shared their stories but we have ignored as just stories. There is no superior hierarchy of human consciousness More of the human collective has come to realize the part all the different life forms and consciousness have on this planet. Unity and respect for all life is the message. we need each other to thrive. All is energy and are part of that consciousness. So much wisdom of all the life on this planet we learn from and how Gaia supplies us with all we need to heal and thrive. Recognizing that all is energy and our remembering will allow the creation of the newearthstar.